A real-world tennis app that handles real-life scenarios

Set up the ideal tennis match. No matter what your level. When, where, and with whomever you want – even with those still unmet.

No more phone tag, endless texting or WhatsApp strings.
Just Click & Swipe, Serve & Volley!

Your tennis invitations and RSVPs on hyperspeed

Send a “Get-A-Game” private invitation to a few, or an “Open Challenge” (at your level) to many. Decide how to process accepted invitations: “First Come First Served,” or “Let Me Choose.” It’s your invitation.

And make it easy for others to find you, when and how you can play, wherever you are. Even at the last minute.

Meet the Team

A team of passionate people and players obsessed with developing the world’s most useful tennis app. Play early, play often!

  • Paul Stratta

    CEO / co-Founder

    International Sporting Goods executive, and fanatic (albeit mediocre) tennis player, who still dreams of qualifying for the US Open.

  • Manuka Stratta

    Tech Leadership | co-Founder

    Co-founded company with father at 16 years of age. Led development of product / market fit criteria, monetization capability, and all things Gen Z. Currently a sophomore at Stanford University, majoring in Computer Science. Close to beating her dad on the tennis court.

  • Attila Hogyai

    IT Operations

    Experienced, pragmatic IT professional. Makes iPlayMe2 go, keep up, and scale. Promises to learn how to play tennis.. We’re still waiting.

  • Carla Novelli

    COO / co-Founder

    Operating / Administrative executive who relishes creating a perfect process, operation, and user experience. iPlayMe’2 multi-language guru.

  • François Vandecan

    Board Advisor - Technology

    Bachelor in IT, Post graduate Sales & Marketing - 30 years in IcT Services from development to PM, IcT Manager, IcT Advisor, Prince 2 & Itil certified. Pretty decent tennis player to boot.

  • Radouane Oudrhiri

    Technology Advisor

    A Lean / Six Sigma Master Black Belt with specialty in high-tech, IT, and software engineering.

  • Julien Bricco

    Media / PR Advisor

    Digital strategy and social media expert. Techie, globetrotter, and tennis addict.

  • Pieter Jan Ghysens

    PR & Media | Belgium + the Netherlands

    Belgian. Dutch as a mother tongue. Expert in copywriting and communication. Re-ignited his tennis racket thanks to iPlayMe2. Our hero for the Belgian and Dutch markets.

  • Rob Weissman

    Commercial Advisor

    Financial Services Executive. Always up for a game of tennis, and/or platform tennis, the U.S. cold-weather version of padel tennis!

  • Eric Eichmann

    Corporate Strategy Advisor

    Global Technology CEO; 20 years in consumer technology, online advertising technology; Fast growth and turnaround experience. Competitive club tennis player.

  • Ann Searle Horowitz

    Board Advisor

    Experienced Marketing / Advertising / Copywriting executive, team tennis warrior, and USTA QuickStart (10/under) instructor.

  • Tom Morton

    Investment Advisor

    Operational financial executive across Fortune 500, mid-cap, and start-up organizations. Has led an Angel Investment Group as well. Partner @ TechCXO.

  • Bergman Chan

    Asia Region | Director

    Experienced business executive across Asian regional markets. Passionate about making customers & stakeholders happy. Picking up tennis now!

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