Frequently asked questions about IPlayMe2

What’s my first step in using iPlayMe2?

Log in and create your player profile. Then get a game!

What is “Let Me Choose?

Invite several known opponents to play, see who accepts, then you confirm the lucky finalist for that game.

Who should I put in my “friends” list?

Add tennis-playing friends, or even friendly rivals.

What can I get when I use the balls system?

You can earn balls (credits) by inviting friends and opponents to play using iPlayMe2. Then redeem balls to get upgrades to premium-level services, send gift upgrades to friends and family, or make friendly wagers on matches with opponents.

Why should I trust getting a game with an unknown player, either from a safety perspective, or in terms of their playing ability?

You can access and share your iPlayMe2 profile with others, and you can request that future opponents do the same.

How do I set up a game with someone?

Click “Get A Game” at the bottom of your dashboard to send private invitations to a few or many players, known or unknown.

What is “First Come First Served?

This lets you select your opponents by going with the first responder to your invitation.

What are “Circles,” and why should I create them?

Circles are groups of friends and rivals, and creating circles allows for fast, easy, and efficient scheduling of games.

How will my contact list be used by iPlayMe2?

iPlayMe2 only accesses your contact list to enable Get A Game invitations to be created. We NEVER spam or contact your non-iPlayMe2 contacts.

Where can I get technical support?


Why do you need my personal information (level, age, etc.)?

This data helps iPlayMe2 work smarter to find other iPlayMe2 players that meet your criteria. (And you only need to fill it out once.)

What is an “Open Challenge?

You can invite unknown local players who meet your game criteria (level, age, gender, location, date, time, type of play), and choose from among those who accept.

How should I organize my “Circles?

Invent categories to organize playing friends and rivals by level, type, location, or attitude: “Sunday Doubles,” “Summer Fun,” or “Singles Slugfest.”

What if I have a bad experience playing with someone I didn’t know beforehand?

iPlayMe2 allows, and encourages, you to write an evaluation after every playing experience.

Why do I need to enter my current local rating?

Initially, knowing your local ranking allows us to find more suitable candidates for your games. Then, as you play more iPlayMe2 matches and accumulate results, our built-in, proprietary ranking system continuously refines your personal rating.

What is “Fixed Doubles?

Select one partner and issue invitations as a team to ensure you play together more often throughout the season.

Can I only invite players who use iPlayMe2

Invitees do not need to be members of iPlayMe2 to accept a game invite.

Can I see what other players are saying about me in their evaluations?

Not individually, for reasons of privacy, but you will be able to see your own evaluation summaries, to gauge what other players generally think of you, and how your play is evaluated by others.